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Oldskooler is an expanding collection of vintage gaming visual effects.

It gives your assets a retro charm by simulating the limitations of older game engines.

Current effects include:

  • Voxelization
    • That blocky "3d pixels" look from a yesteryear that never really happened.
  • Vertex Quantization
    • That boiling, wobbly look that low poly meshes got in early 3d games.
  • Pixelization
    • Make a single object appear lower res than its surrounding environment.
  • Stipple Transparency
    • A high frequency opacity mask that created the illusion of translucency on hardware that couldn't support it.
  • Flicker Transparency
    • Another translucency hack with an instantly recognizable look.
  • Vertex Lighting
    • A super cheap and chunky method of lighting. Also works great as a speed hack on mobile!

Everything included can be drag and dropped into your existing materials, or used as a post process blendable. There's minimal setup or technical knowledge required for immediate results. Making your stuff look worse but in a good way has never been so easy!

(Note: Oldskooler has so far only been tested in a monoscopic view on Unreal Engine 4 versions 4.11, 4.12, and 4.13. Opening the included project requires version 4.13. Also the voxelization and pixelization effects require features not available in WebGL or most mobile platforms.)

By using this software, you agree to the license agreement outlined in Oldskooler EULA.txt

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email us at gameappmakerco+oldskooler@gmail.com

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Published139 days ago
AuthorGameapp Maker Co.
Tags16-bit, 8-bit, effects, gfx, graphics, Retro, shader, ue4, unreal-engine


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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